River to Ridge Trail

River to Ridge Trail
Have you imagined riding a bike on a beautiful, cared-for pathway, filled with enough incredible scenery to take your breath away?

On the River to Ridge Trail in New Paltz, you can experience a bike ride like no other. Instead of traveling via the State Route 299 shoulder from New Paltz and the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail to ride to the Shawangunk Ridge, you can now enjoy this majestic, scenic trail.

When you ride on the River to Ridge Trail, you will adventure on a fairly level path beneath and over stunning, rolling hills and working farm fields. As you navigate your bike over the trail, you won’t simply be getting exercise, you’ll be rejuvenating your mind, heart, and soul with a touch of nature.

The trail crosses over numerous delicately flowing streams that weave throughout the six-miles, creating a bike route perfect for cyclists of all kinds to enjoy. To top it off, as you ride throughout the trail, you will be delighted by the most outstanding view of the rocky Shawangunk Ridge.

River to Ridge Trail Details

River to Ridge Trail Details

The River to Ridge Trail was developed by The Open Space Institute in order to create a better, more scenic way for cyclists and pedestrians to travel between the Shawangunk Ridge and New Paltz.

The trail is over 6 miles long and is replete with incredible scenery the entire way. Not only that, the River to Ridge Trail is a gateway to a number of other places to explore on your bike.

The Wallkill Valley Rail Trail connects to the trail, with another 22-miles of bicycling adventure. From the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail, ride through the 6-mile scenic River to Ridge Trail, ending atop the ridge, with its 90-miles of open trails to enjoy.

Winter weather conditions on the trail make it best to ride between March and November. Spring through fall, the River to Ridge Trail provides an amazing, scenic, and safe bike ride for all skill levels from New Paltz to the Shawangunk Ridge.

Accessing the River to Ridge Trail

When you rent your bike from New Paltz Biking, you will begin your adventure from the parking lot on Springtown Road. Hop on your bike and head west through the farmlands, admiring the views of Sky Top Tower and the Gunks.

Ride through the two loops and continue on to the Mohonk Preserve at Shawangunk Ridge, or circle around and head back to the parking lot. Whatever ride you choose, you’re in for a breathtaking adventure.